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Implementation of EDI services

Implementation of EDI Services

EDI is implemented in several stages at companies. The first decision that has to be made is whether we wish to use a proprietary EDI structure or an EDI provider for the implementation of EDI.

The proprietary EDI solution requires the purchase of EDI converters, as well as the involvement of EDI developers and EDI operators. These represent fairly large expenses; therefore this solution is chosen only by large manufacturing and purchasing companies, but even they are increasingly outsourcing their EDI activities to service providers.

In the majority of cases EDI is implemented through EDI providers, during which the company receives considerable support from the provider in the implementation process. With certain providers it is not necessary to purchase EDI software, as they convert the file formats used by the company’s business management system to the requested standard EDI format as part of the service. Similarly, there is no need to employ EDI experts, as the service provider consults the partners and existing external or in-house IT specialists regarding professional issues connected to the implementation of EDI, and also carries out the development project related to conversion.

The steps of the two types of EDI implementation (proprietary or via a service provider) differ considerably from each other. In the submenus of this website we describe the steps for EDI implementation with the involvement of a service provider, as this makes up 90% of the cases on the market.

In the description of EDI implementation we will see that the service provider and its client must cooperate very efficiently is several areas in the interest of seamless implementation. The same can be said for cooperation during the regular use of EDI. During the implementation and operation of EDI access to the expertise of the service provider in Hungary is a key factor. With foreign service providers the “indirect” nature of consultation considerably hinders implementation and operation.

You can also find further information related to the implementation of EDI on our www.ediport.hu website.








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